Welcome to LA HELP.org We are the Los Angeles area support center for people living and dealing with the effects of Herpes. We are a group run by and for people with Herpes. Our group is associated with the Herpes Resource Center \ American Social Health Association. It's a difficult situation finding out you have herpes, dealing with herpes has given your life a new challenge. We give you a place to go and talk to others who have herpes and find out how they are dealing with it. You are not alone. Join us and find out, your life isn't over. It's just a twist in the story


ITS NOT LIFE THREATENING ... Herpes is extremely common and is not a serious condition in the majority of cases

SYMPTOMS CAN BE CONTROLLED Effective medication is available for treatment, and research is progressing to find a cure.

TRANSMISSION CAN BE PREVENTED It's normally contagious on a predictable basis and common sense precautions can eliminate the fear of passing the virus to others.

SO WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL? When someone is told that he or she has a disease for which there is not a total cure, that it may come back periodically and that it may be transmitted to others, it's natural to respond emotionally. Many people feel angry and express disbelief about the diagnosis. Later, feelings of guilt or shame may emerge that lead to depression and a loss of self-esteem. Often uninfected partners resent the intrusion of the virus (and possibly the intrusion of the former lover who passed this along) into their sex life. It may seem as though the virus dictates when they can make love. There is a great deal of confusion and fear over conflicting medical information, fad-cures or treatments and sensationalization in the press.

WE CAN HELP At L.A.HELP , most of us have had these experiences and have learned how to cope with them. We feel that herpes is only a minor inconvenience, and like the flu disrupts our daily lives only on an occasional basis.

L.A.HELP is the Los Angeles Chapter of the Herpes Resource Center, a program service of the American Social Health Association (ASHA). ASHA is a national non-profit agency engaged in prevention, control, education, and research relating to sexually transmitted diseases. Initiated in February 1979, and headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC, the Herpes Resource Center serves as the nation's primary resource for accurate, up-to-date information on herpes.

L.A.HELP is an independent community-based self-help group developed to educate, provide emotional support raise funds for herpes research and to respond to the unique needs of individuals with herpes simplex virus infection. Call us for more information (310) 845-6656


LA. HELP would like to invite you to break the cycle of guilt, depression and isolation by becoming actively involved. Start to build a network of social support. We can help you take back control of your life.

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