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We know about the available drugs for treating herpes, right? But don't you really wish that a more natural way was viable? We know that good food and some supplementation makes for a healthy approach to better living, so we have found that there are some specific foods, and herbs that are specifically geared to working with the immune system, that have anti-viral properties and even some that can help prevent outbreaks. The following nutritional guidelines were presented at the Las Vegas gathering this last May 27, 2000 in Las Vegas, by Dr. Joe D. Goldstrich , M.D., F.A.C.C.


  • 1. Strengthen the immune system by reducing guilt, stress, and shame by telling people you have herpes. Herpes is only as bad as you make it! Don't beat yourself up. You can be your biggest bully.
  • 2. Do not burn the candle at both ends . Get plenty of rest. Don't overwork yourself and enjoy what life has to share.
  • 3. No coffee!! . (ouch!)... . green tea is a good substitute. It strengthens the immune system, acts as an antioxidant, and provides some caffeine.
  • 4. Basic Vitamins
    Vitamin B complex: 1-200 mg daily
    Vitamin E: 4-800 IU daily (the more you exercise, the more you need this supplement)
    Vitamin C: 500-5,000 mg daily in divided dosages.
    Mixed natural carotinoids containing 25,000 IU beta carotene.
  • 5. Amino Acids
    Lysine may be helpful (500-1,000 mg three times daily)
    Glutamine is needed by the immune system and it is depleted by vigorous exercise.
    Supplement with 2,000 mg daily if you exercise strenuously on a regular basis.
  • 6. Herbs
    St. John's Wort has very special properties for people with herpes who are also
    depressed. Hypericin, the most important active ingredient in St John's Wort is healing to injured nerves and it has been shown to have anti-viral activity. The dose is 300 mg, three times daily, of preparation that is standardized to 0.3% hypericin.
    Astragals , 1 capsule twice daily, will strengthen the immune system. This herb ha been used safely in Asia for thousands of years. I suggest using it daily for 2-3 months and then stopping for a couple of weeks before resuming for another cycle, if it has been helpful.
    Echinacea can be taken safely in high dosage at the first sign of an outbreak. This will sometimes prevent an outbreak or make its duration and intensity less. Take 5 capsules, 3 or 4 times daily, for 2 days and then taper the amount down over the next 3-4 days.
    Goldenseal is often encapsulated with Echinacea. High dose goldenseal can accumulate in the body and become toxic, so I prefer to use high dose Echinacea by it's self. If you choose to use a preparation of Echinacea with goldenseal then take it in high dosage for no more than 3 days.
    Garlic is an excellent anti-viral herb. Use it regularly in your diet or supplement with garlic pills.
    Olive leaf extract may be even better than garlic.
    Oregano also has anti-viral properties
  • 7 . Medicinal mushrooms
    These, such as Reishi, Mitiake and Shitake all have anti-viral activity and have been shown to be active against the herpes virus. In Asia, Reishi is often used in conjunction with Astragalus.

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